Trayce Jackson-Davis Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


TJD, a highly skilled big with solid length, possesses an impressive mid-range and post-up game. His athleticism and strength make him a formidable force in the paint, often dominating his opponents at the college level. In addition, he excels in fast-paced situations, exhibiting excellent speed on the court and outworking opposing big men.

Not only is TJD an exceptional scorer, but he has also developed into a proficient passer, displaying a deep understanding of the game. He thrives as an offensive hub from the mid-post and proves to be a valuable asset in the dribble handoff (DHO) game.

Although TJD currently focuses his scoring primarily in the paint, expanding his shooting range will be crucial for his transition to the NBA. Nevertheless, his defensive abilities are already exceptional, as he poses a constant threat all over the court. Standing at 6-9, he excels as a rim protector due to his impressive vertical leap and impeccable instincts.

TJD's ferocious and intense style of play is truly game-changing, as he consistently brings energy and effort to the court. While his playing style may not perfectly align with the modern NBA, his intangibles and relentless effort could still secure him a role at the next level.



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