Jett Howard Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Jett Howard, the son of Michigan head coach Juwan Howard, emerged as one of the most captivating storylines of the college basketball season, displaying his skills under the guidance of his father. As a jumbo guard, he possesses the versatility to excel at either forward position.

Projected as a promising 3-and-D prospect, Howard exhibits exceptional versatility on both ends of the court. With a well-rounded combination of size, defensive potential, and shooting prowess, he is poised to make a smooth transition to the next level. While not an elite athlete, he already possesses an NBA-ready physique.

Particularly in spot-up situations, Howard's shooting prowess shines through. Although he occasionally dips the ball during his shooting motion, there is ample time to refine that aspect of his technique. Mastering the art of catching the ball in the shooting pocket and swiftly initiating the upward motion of his shot could elevate his shooting prowess to an even deadlier level in the NBA.

When attacking the rim, the Michigan wing demonstrates superb footwork. Although lacking elite speed or overpowering strength, he compensates with craftiness and a methodical approach to penetrate the paint. While not an elite ball handler, this does not pose a significant concern since he is not projected to be a primary facilitator. However, his ball-handling can be a bit loose, which may warrant attention at the next level.

One aspect of Howard's game that often goes unnoticed is his ability to ignite the fast break. With his head constantly up, he actively seeks opportunities to initiate transition plays and exhibits excellent outlet passing skills.

Beyond his shooting prowess, Howard garners recognition for his defensive capabilities. He excels at guarding the point of attack and exhibits proficiency in navigating through pick-and-roll situations. With his size, length, and lateral quickness, he possesses the potential to defend multiple positions. His profound understanding of the importance of defense may position him as one of the premier defenders in the nation this season.

Given his NBA pedigree, courtesy of his father's coaching and basketball background, Howard displays a high basketball IQ, which greatly contributes to his intelligent style of play. It is evident that he has been immersed in the game throughout his life and has received excellent coaching.

Having been part of an elite high school team at IMG Academy, Howard shared the court with Keyonte George (Baylor) and Jarace Walker (Houston) during his senior season, both of whom are expected to be lottery picks in the 2023 NBA Draft. As the season progressed, Howard showcased continuous improvement, culminating in him being crowned MVP of the Iverson Classic, a prestigious high school all-star event.

On a seasoned Michigan team that may not have met expectations, Howard served as a primary scoring option and emerged as one of the most proficient shooters for a player of his size nationwide. His abilities make him a potential immediate impact player at the next level.



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