GG Jackson Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


G.G. Jackson, a late addition to the 2022 recruiting class after reclassifying in the middle of summer, has quickly emerged as a standout talent. Many believe he is destined to be a one-and-done player and a lottery pick, making him the most gifted prospect South Carolina has seen in recent memory.

On the offensive end, Jackson is an unstoppable force with the ball in his hands. His explosive athleticism, sheer power, incredible speed, and remarkable agility make him a nightmare for opposing forwards to defend. He is lethal from mid-range, possesses a reliable three-point shot, and has the ability to blow past defenders off the dribble.

What truly impresses me about Jackson is his ability to create his own shot. His lightning-fast speed and smooth ball-handling skills allow him to effortlessly create separation from defenders and get his shot off against anyone. Despite his size and age, he exhibits exceptional ball-handling skills and can dazzle with his ability to deceive and outmaneuver defenders.

While he may not possess the ideal size for a power forward, Jackson has transitioned into more of a wing player. His unique combination of size, length, and explosive athleticism makes him an absolute nightmare for opponents on the court.

Jackson excels at finishing around the basket with both hands and possesses a remarkable sense of touch. His blow-by speed is a weapon that often catches defenders off guard.

Additionally, despite his youth, Jackson displays impressive passing instincts. He knows how to manipulate the defense with his dribble, drawing them in one direction before finding the open shooter.

However, there are areas where Jackson can continue to grow. He occasionally exhibits questionable shot selection and would benefit from gaining experience at a higher level of competition. It's important to remember that as the youngest player in the 2023 draft class, such areas of development are to be expected and can be further refined with time.



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