Kris Murray Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


In a parallel trajectory to his twin brother, Keegan Murray of the Sacramento Kings, Kris Murray is poised to carve his own path as a first-round draft pick. Opting to return for his junior season, Murray experienced rapid growth and emerged as a rising prospect over the past few months, mirroring his twin's ascent just a year ago.

While Murray had limited playing time during his freshman year at Iowa, he showcased his skills in a solid sophomore campaign. Recognized for his prowess as a three-point shooter, he impressively connected on nearly 40% of his long-range attempts. Although his shooting efficiency dipped slightly in his junior season due to increased defensive attention, Murray elevated his volume and maintained a remarkable accuracy, all while standing tall at 6-foot-8. Furthermore, he proves to be a dependable presence on the defensive end.

While Murray may not possess the same level of overall potential as his brother, he is projected to be a valuable role player at the NBA level. Boasting an ideal size for a versatile 3-and-D wing, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. However, his age, as he will turn 23 at the start of the 2023-24 NBA season, might limit his draft ceiling, but he remains a potential asset for a playoff-bound team seeking immediate contributions.

Murray's game thrives when provided with ample opportunities, which was evident as he emerged from the shadows of his high-caliber teammates this season. As a fundamentally sound combo forward, he excels in various positions and possesses solid defensive capabilities. Notably, Murray has made significant strides in rebounding, and his underrated playmaking abilities add to his versatile skill set.

While Murray's shooting prowess is commendable, consistency in his stroke will be pivotal for his continued development. As he navigates through the pre-draft process, he will have ample chances to showcase his potential as a sharpshooter from beyond the arc.

Choosing to forego representation in the 2022 NBA Draft, Murray made a wise decision to return for one more collegiate season. His stock has undeniably risen, affirming his readiness to make the leap to the next level. In his third year at the college level, questions loomed over Murray's free throw shooting, but he has made significant improvements in that area, solidifying his case as a proficient shooter in the professional ranks. Additionally, he exhibited growth in drawing contact and getting to the free-throw line, while nearly doubling his assist numbers. These noteworthy advancements have cemented his position as a clear-cut first-round selection in the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft.



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