Gradey Dick Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


When considering the qualities of an elite shooter, Dick possesses all the necessary attributes. Firstly, his shot is smooth and his release is quick, resulting in a high conversion rate on three-pointers. He excels at moving without the ball, displaying a keen understanding of how to find openings for shots. Although initially projected as a first-round talent entering his freshman season, he now stands as a potential lottery pick.

Dick's exceptional shooting ability creates spacing for his teammates, forcing defenders to closely guard him and avoid help defense on drives, lest they surrender high-percentage shots from deep. He thrives not only in spot-up situations but also while on the move. Whether it's catching and shooting after coming off screens or creating space off the dribble, the 6-foot-7 forward from Kansas can fade in either direction, keeping defenders off balance.

While Dick is widely regarded as one of the best shooters in his class, he also demonstrated versatility as a scorer during his freshman year. To thrive at the NBA level, he must continue improving at all three levels and avoid becoming one-dimensional as a perimeter shooter.

In terms of driving to the basket, Dick lacks explosive moves to beat strong defenders. He relies on his physicality and size to navigate straight lines toward the rim. However, he employs fakes and jabs effectively to manipulate defenders and find his preferred spots on the court.

Additionally, he needs to develop better facilitation skills. While he moves the ball well within the offense, he hasn't showcased the ability to create many scoring opportunities for his teammates. As a result, his assist numbers remain low, indicating an area for improvement.

Defensively, Dick demonstrates a high basketball IQ and understanding of schemes and rotations. He excels at taking charges and frequently finds himself in the right positions. Although not an elite on-ball defender, he benefits from his size and agility, which should aid his transition to the NBA level.

Known for his energetic play, Dick is a natural leader and motivator on the court. He competes fiercely to win games and prioritizes the best interests of his team.

During his senior year at Sunrise Christian Academy, Dick led one of the country's top high school teams, earning him the prestigious Gatorade Boys Basketball Player of the Year award. Subsequently, he played for a renowned college program, showcasing his ability to make a significant impact in the NBA.



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