Emoni Bates Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Emoni Bates was previously hailed as an exceptional prospect, widely recognized as the top talent in his class. However, his development as a prospect has decelerated, and it appears that his potential may not be as high as initially anticipated. While he remains a highly skilled player, he is no longer a guaranteed star or even a certain starter at the next level.

Following a challenging freshman season at Memphis, Bates made the decision to transfer to Eastern Michigan. There, he showcased his scoring abilities and managed to regain some of his standing in the NBA draft discussions. Nevertheless, his efficiency was lacking, and numerous uncertainties surround his potential as a prospect.

Emoni excels in scoring, displaying the ability to create his own shot from the perimeter. However, he does not possess exceptional speed or explosiveness when driving to the basket. Consequently, this can result in inefficient shooting percentages and a tendency to settle for outside shots. He does, however, exhibit excellent dribble separation and effectively utilizes his height to shoot over defenders.

One major concern for his transition to the next level of play is his overall athleticism and lack of length, indicated by his negative wingspan.

Bates demonstrates impressive ball-handling skills and essentially functions as a 6-8 guard with a scorer's mentality. Despite not being an exceptionally powerful athlete and maintaining a slender build, he possesses wiry strength and fearlessly attacks the rim.

As a competitor, Emoni displays a strong work ethic and a drive to reach his full potential. This competitive spirit instills hope that he can carve out a successful career in the NBA.



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