Dariq Whitehead Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Dariq Whitehead, widely regarded as one of the premier wing prospects in the highly anticipated 2023 draft, unfortunately sustained a fractured foot on August 29th, 2022, which will necessitate his absence from the early part of the upcoming season. Considering his immense talent, expect the Duke coaching staff to exercise caution and implement a gradual return-to-play plan for Whitehead. Rest assured, this setback should not hinder his long-term prospects, as he is a highly coveted prospect and a probable lottery pick.

Whitehead possesses exceptional athleticism, making him a dynamic force on the court, particularly in open-court situations where his smoothness and ability to play above the rim are truly evident. Furthermore, he boasts commendable size for a wing player and exhibits all the athletic traits that one could hope for.

Beyond his elite athleticism, Whitehead has developed into a well-rounded player, transcending the label of being solely a run-and-jump athlete. He has showcased significant progress in his ability to create his own shot and has become increasingly proficient from beyond the arc. This marked improvement in shooting is a testament to his unwavering work ethic and determination to maximize his potential.

Defensively, Whitehead projects as an exceptional talent, possessing the skills and versatility to effectively guard multiple positions, ranging from point guards to small forwards. This defensive prowess adds to his overall value as a prospect.

In terms of physical attributes, Whitehead boasts an appealing frame, highlighted by broad shoulders and an impressive wingspan of +4, further contributing to his potential as a standout player at the next level.



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