Chris Livingston Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Chris Livingston is an exceptional shooting guard known for his incredible athleticism and ability to dominate above the rim. He possesses notable strengths as well as areas for improvement, which are discussed below. As he continues to develop, he is actively shaping his body for the NBA with strong upper body muscles, broad shoulders, and impressive speed.

Livingston truly excels in fast-paced games, where he becomes a nightmare for defenders when given an opportunity in the open court. His lateral agility is truly impressive, allowing him to employ an aggressive attacking style while effortlessly soaring through the air. When it comes to finishing at the rim, he exhibits creativity with a variety of layup techniques, including hanging in the air, executing crafty up-and-under moves, and displaying the ability to score even when faced with physical contact.

Dunking is one of Livingston's specialties. Whether he takes off from one foot or both, he possesses an incredible ability to throw it down with power and authority. His leaping ability is truly remarkable and his slam dunks leave fans in awe. However, it is worth mentioning that his running style has a unique characteristic, with his legs flaring out slightly to the sides. Improving his running form and strengthening his lower body will be beneficial for maximizing his speed and overall performance.

One aspect that Livingston could work on is his body language, as it doesn't always reflect the optimal composure required for success at higher levels of competition. By addressing this area, he can further enhance his overall game and presence on the court.

Additionally, it would be advantageous for Livingston to focus on developing his left-hand finishing skills. Improving his ability to score using his non-dominant hand would make him an even more versatile offensive threat, adding another dimension to his game.



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