Cam Whitmore Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Whitmore stands out as one of the most promising prospects in his class, despite being one of the youngest. Remarkably, he will still be only 18 years old on draft night. Although he faced an injury at the beginning of his college career, he quickly demonstrated why he possesses lottery-level talent.

With a solid frame and a physique well-suited for the NBA, this 6-foot-7 wing emerged as one of the most exceptional athletes in the country last season. His powerful style of play and infectious energy make him a standout presence on the court.

In a class filled with versatile forwards, Whitmore undoubtedly ranks among the best. Consequently, there is a genuine possibility that he could be selected as high as the fourth overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

Whether in transition or in a half-court offense, Whitmore effectively exploits his strength and body mass to overpower his opponents. He has displayed an ability to penetrate and reach the rim at will, particularly when his team requires a crucial basket. Furthermore, his body control allows him to finish challenging layups with finesse, while his vertical leap enables him to posterize his opponents—an ability that earned him recognition as a high school star.

Even without possessing the ball, Whitmore possesses a remarkable ability to find open spots on the court. He excels as a cutter and possesses a knack for securing offensive rebounds. Beyond his exceptional athleticism, he consistently positions himself advantageously, displaying an exceptional sense of timing and court awareness.

While Whitmore still has room for improvement as a ball handler, he possesses a shifty style and an effective change of pace that bewilders defenders. Rather than relying solely on dribbling finesse, he employs a more aggressive, forceful approach to attacking the basket.

Whitmore has shown significant improvement as a shooter, but questions remain about whether he can maintain sustainable shooting percentages. Although his shooting form is fluid, he lacks significant elevation on his jump shot. Nonetheless, he managed to shoot nearly 35% from beyond the arc as a freshman, which bodes well for his potential as a wing player at the next level.

With the ability to take over games offensively, Whitmore exhibits tremendous star potential. Although he possesses solid court vision, he has not yet generated high assist numbers, which raised concerns last season. He is a versatile player on both ends of the court, capable of playing as an off-ball guard or even sliding up to the power forward position.

Whitmore excels as a rebounder, often initiating fast breaks after securing the ball. This dynamic skill contributes significantly to his team's transition scoring opportunities.

On the defensive end, the 18-year-old displays toughness and versatility, utilizing his frame and strength to guard multiple positions. While not an elite defender, he does not exhibit any glaring weaknesses on that end of the court. Although he may lack lateral quickness, he can effectively defend larger wings and forwards within the perimeter. It will be intriguing to observe how he matches up against quicker guards at the NBA level.

Hailing from Archbishop Spalding High School, Whitmore entered the college scene as a highly touted five-star recruit and a McDonald's All-American. Even before joining Villanova, his draft stock began to rise significantly following an outstanding performance at the 2022 FIBA U18 Americas Championship, where he garnered the MVP title and showcased impressive efficiency in perimeter shooting. His remarkable display solidified his status as one of the world's most promising young prospects.



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