Brandon Miller Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Miller, despite being slightly older than his one-and-done peers in this class, brings a wealth of upside that outweighs any concerns about his age. At 20 years old, he will turn 21 early in the 2023-24 season as a rookie, but his immense potential will overshadow any age-related considerations on draft night.

What sets Miller apart is his impressive size and versatility as a combo forward. He possesses the ideal build for the positionless nature of the modern NBA, capable of seamlessly transitioning between playing on the perimeter as a true wing or operating as a modern power forward.

One aspect of Miller's game that stands out is his smooth jumper, despite his tall stature. He exhibits excellent shooting mechanics and has the ability to knock down jump shots off the dribble or in rhythm. His shot creation skills are noteworthy, especially considering the prevalence of isolation plays in today's NBA.

The midrange game is where Miller thrives, using his height advantage to effectively face up smaller defenders and execute well-timed moves. His turnaround game is also a potent weapon, utilizing his elevation to shoot over defenders with ease.

Beyond the arc, Miller demonstrates range and emerged as one of the country's top 3-point shooters during his freshman season at Alabama. He showcased the ability to connect on perimeter shots from various situations, whether in rhythm or off the dribble. With excellent mechanics and release, combined with his size advantage, he has the potential to shoot over defenders and provide a valuable long-range threat.

Miller's court vision is another asset in his arsenal. Despite playing as a forward, he possesses exceptional passing abilities, delivering accurate cross-court passes with a single hand. Additionally, he exhibits high-low potential when paired with a big in the frontcourt. Miller is comfortable handling the ball and can contribute as a facilitator. His ball-handling skills are commendable for a player of his size and position.

When attacking the rim, Miller displays strength and finishes with authority, often punctuating his drives with powerful dunks. Although he may not be the most explosive athlete, his finishing ability remains solid, complemented by his slim frame.

Defensively, Miller's lateral quickness and agility stand out. He moves his feet effectively, allowing him to guard multiple positions. His length is an asset in shot-blocking situations, utilizing his wingspan to disrupt opponents' attempts. As he continues to develop, he should evolve into a versatile defender capable of contributing in various defensive schemes.

Miller's journey as a basketball player began with high expectations as a former five-star recruit. He established himself as one of the premier wings in his high school class and has since emerged as the top wing prospect in the upcoming rookie class. Garnering back-to-back Tennessee Gatorade Player of the Year awards, he was the standout player in the state for years prior to making the leap to college. Interestingly, his father, Darrell Miller, also had athletic ties to Alabama as a former tight end, making Brandon a second-generation athlete in Tuscaloosa.



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