Ben Shepphard Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Sheppard emerges as a true sleeper in this draft class, exhibiting the attributes of a towering backcourt maestro with a delicate shooting stroke and the elongation to defend at an elevated level. With his previous experience orchestrating plays from the point guard position, he possesses an astute basketball acumen, enabling him to showcase lead guard skills, yet his physical dimensions align him more with an NBA guard or wing operating off the ball. Sheppard, who will celebrate his 22nd birthday shortly after the draft, compiled an impressive scoring average of nearly 19 points per game during his tenure at Belmont University.

His proficiency as a marksman beyond the three-point arc is truly remarkable, as evidenced by the escalating percentages he attained season after season. Last year, he astonishingly converted 41.5% of his attempts from downtown, launching an average of six triples per contest. One of the factors contributing to his effectiveness from long range is his adeptness at maneuvering without the ball, deftly positioning himself to capitalize on his teammates' precise passes.

While his towering stature grants him an advantage, Sheppard's slender physique does impose limitations when contending with physical defenders or penetrating into the paint. Moreover, his foul shooting warrants refinement. To thrive at the next level, he must enhance his ability to navigate dribbling maneuvers and generate scoring opportunities autonomously.

Sheppard's proficiency as an underrated facilitator comes to the fore, as he adeptly distributed nearly three assists per game during his final year. Similarly, his defensive capabilities, while still a work in progress, exhibit promise. He tallied an average of 1.4 steals per game, and his frame bestows upon him the versatility to safeguard against multiple positions. Significantly, his accomplishments earned him distinction as a member of the All-MVC Defensive Team in his senior campaign, albeit encountering some formidable opponents that tested his mettle.

With his extraordinary amalgamation of towering dimensions (standing tall at 6-foot-6), remarkable wingspan, polished shooting stroke, and defensive aptitude, Sheppard emerges as an enticing candidate for NBA teams seeking to fill the highly coveted 3-and-D role. Furthermore, within the confines of this role, he imparts added value as a well-rounded wing, proficient in dribbling, passing, and shooting—a skill set held in high regard among NBA wings. Despite not garnering as much fanfare as some of his counterparts in this draft class, primarily due to the level of competition he faced, Sheppard undeniably possesses tantalizing potential at the NBA level. His inclusion in the NBA Draft Combine serves as irrefutable proof of his abilities, firmly establishing him as one of the premier players from the mid-major circuit last season.



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