Ausar Thompson Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Ausar Thompson, the twin brother of Amen Thompson, is a defensive-oriented player who thrives as a wing. His remarkable athleticism and intuitive understanding of the game contribute to his ability to block shots and secure rebounds. Thompson's quick leaping ability allows him to contest the ball effectively in mid-air.

Thompson's defensive versatility is exceptional, as he can effectively guard multiple positions with his impressive length and agile footwork. He combines lateral quickness to stay in front of guards and the size and athleticism to handle modern power forwards. Utilizing his length and active hands, Thompson disrupts passing lanes and generates numerous deflections. He excels in transition when he steals the ball and finishes with authority.

Defensively, Thompson possesses a strong understanding of his role and executes within a system. He often provides crucial help defense and blocks shots even when guarding different players. While there are instances where Thompson overly relies on his athleticism and displays some undisciplined tendencies, those concerns are likely to be addressed in a more defined role and team scheme at the next level.

Although Thompson's offensive potential is not as high as his twin brother, Amen, he still holds promise in that area. Presently, he boasts a more reliable jump shot than his sibling. However, it's important to note that Thompson is not an elite shooter, but he currently surpasses his brother in that aspect.

Thompson's jump shot is the aspect that prevents him from being a guaranteed top-five pick. While he has made significant improvements in his shooting mechanics, it remains a pivotal skill that will determine his draft position in the lottery. Thompson's respectable three-point shooting numbers from the previous season indicate progress, and he can further validate his improvement through pre-draft workouts. Requiring defenses to respect his perimeter shooting will augment his already strong ability to attack the rim.

Although Thompson primarily operates as an off-ball wing, he possesses solid ball-handling skills for his size and is a decent passer. While he may occasionally commit turnovers, he generally exhibits solid playmaking abilities compared to other wing prospects. Furthermore, Thompson's height and bounce contribute to his effectiveness as a rebounder.

Overall, Thompson's natural instincts and physical attributes make him an exceptional defensive prospect. While he is developing into a better scorer, he currently does not project as a team's primary offensive option in the NBA.

Scouting Thompson is somewhat different due to his involvement with Overtime Elite. As a former five-star recruit, he may miss out on competing against high-level opponents in high-stakes games. Additionally, Thompson is slightly older than some of the other top prospects in his draft class, although the significance of this age difference may vary.

The Thompson twins attended high school in Florida but grew up in Oakland, following in the footsteps of their older brother, Troy Thompson, who played basketball at both the college and G League levels.



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