Anthony Black Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Black possesses elite size for a guard, making him an ideal fit for the modern NBA. With his natural ability to lead as a point guard while also being capable of playing on the wing, he epitomizes the positionless style of play that is trending in the league. Black relies more on skill than athleticism, which sets him apart.

His standout attribute is his exceptional passing ability, particularly impressive for someone standing at 6-foot-7. He excels as a facilitator and can effectively run an offense. However, he needs to improve as a scorer to further develop his offensive game. Nevertheless, his height and playmaking skills make him a highly sought-after player in the NBA, fitting well with almost any team.

In contrast to many other top guards in his class who excel at scoring, Black leans more towards being a pass-first guard who prioritizes setting up his teammates. At times, his unselfishness can even have a negative impact on his own game.

Black's shooting ability will be the determining factor in how high he is selected in the 2023 NBA Draft. While he showed respectable shooting from beyond the arc during his lone college season, he must become more efficient in that aspect moving forward. Failing to demonstrate consistent deep shooting during the pre-draft process may affect his draft position.

Defensively, Black's versatility is intriguing. He can defend multiple positions and utilizes his length effectively, showcasing his shot-blocking ability. As a result, he is regarded as one of the top guard defenders in his class.

The dynamics of Black's role at Arkansas, playing alongside other potential first-round talents like Nick Smith Jr., Jordan Walsh, and Ricky Council, were intriguing. His role fluctuated due to Smith's inconsistent presence in the lineup.

Overall, Black displayed promising signs by increasing his scoring output when Smith was off the floor. Teams seeking a versatile guard capable of contributing in various aspects on both ends of the court will undoubtedly have interest in this 6-foot-7 prospect in the draft lottery.



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