Amen Thompson Draft Profile

by Max Brandt


Amen Thomson, the twin brother of Ausar Thompson, is an offensive-oriented jumbo guard who excels with the ball in his hands. His athleticism is truly exceptional, not just within his draft class, but among basketball players worldwide.

With his size and skill set, Thompson is a great leaper, particularly off two feet. Currently, his strongest scoring ability lies in attacking the rim. He possesses an incredibly quick first step and displays explosive elevation when going for a shot.

As a potential top-five pick, Thompson exhibits excellent ball-handling skills and a diverse repertoire of dribble moves. He effortlessly drives to the basket, utilizing crossovers, spins, hesitations, and sheer quickness. However, there are instances where he can be a bit loose with the ball, an area he will need to refine.

Thompson's offensive prowess extends beyond the halfcourt; he thrives in transition and often delivers highlight-reel dunks. Few players possess his combination of size and quickness, which makes him a remarkable talent in this regard.

When finishing near the rim, the 6-foot-7 guard can either unleash powerful dunks or demonstrate finesse with his unique layup package. He displays proficiency with both hands when scoring.

In addition to his extraordinary athleticism, Thompson possesses a natural feel for the game on the offensive end. Despite having the size and length of a wing or forward, he exhibits genuine guard skills. Over the past few years, his playmaking abilities have flourished, showcasing his passing prowess.

Notably, Thompson also generates a significant number of rebounds for his position, making him a triple-double threat whenever he steps on the court. This versatility should translate well to the NBA level.

However, Thompson's perimeter shooting is the key factor preventing him from being a guaranteed top-three pick. Although he has made some improvements, teams will heavily scrutinize this aspect during the pre-draft process.

Defensively, Thompson may not match the proficiency of his twin brother Ausar, but his potential is evident. He possesses long arms and lateral quickness that surpasses many players his age. His versatility allows him to defend multiple positions. However, Thompson struggles at the free-throw line, which can sometimes be an indicator of future shooting improvement, but not necessarily conclusive.

It is worth noting the unique nature of playing in the Overtime Elite system, which requires a different approach to analysis and scouting compared to more traditional paths to the NBA. As a former five-star recruit, Thompson's evaluation could be affected if teams have not had the opportunity to observe him against top-tier competition in high-stakes situations.

Furthermore, Thompson is older than some of the other top prospects in his class, which might be a consideration for NBA franchises.

Originally from Oakland but relocating to Florida before high school, the Thompson twins come from a basketball-oriented family. Their older brother, Troy Thompson, played college and G League basketball, so the sport runs in their blood.



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